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Specialty Boarding

Long term Boarding (30 days +) We offer attractive rates for long term guests. Please call us for more information and program requirements.


Reactive dogs * We are able to board and work with with reactive guests as our well trained and knowledgeable staff have experience with all types of breeds. All our guests are hand walked by staff. There is no “group playtime”.


Anxious Dogs * Anxiety in pets in North Florida can be a major problem. Thunderstorms can occur multiple times a day. We closely monitor the weather and prepare accordingly. Everything from medication, to cuddles, to Thunder shirts or a favorite toy. With knowledge of bad overnight storm periods, the owner lives on site and monitors conditions or a member of staff will be designated to do the same. It is very important that your pets level of anxiety and what you as the client do for your pet under these circumstances is known to us. Our caring staff encourage guests with general anxiety to walk with us and interact with staff in a positive manner.


Medical Boarding* If your pet needs medical treatments including but not limited to diabetes treatments, wound care, limited activity or other needs please contact us. Please be advised that veterinary care is NOT provided here. We can assist with care you are expected to do at home without the supervision of a Veterinarian or Veterinary Technician. Please call us if you have any questions and we are available to consult with your Veterinarian.



* generally at no extra charge

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